Today, more and more people are getting cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to fix a physical issue that you’re struggling to deal with or simply to boost your confidence and help you feel like the best version of yourself, cosmetic surgery has certainly become more affordable and accessible. And, traveling abroad for surgery is becoming increasingly more common. With some of the best doctors in the world available and procedures at more affordable prices, it’s easy to see why an increasing number of patients are choosing to fly to exotic locations, relax in a resort, and return home with a brand-new body. But, if you’re considering flying abroad for cosmetic surgery, here are some tips to keep in mind for staying safe.

Traveling for Cosmetic Surgery

Tip #1. Understanding the Risks:

First of all, it’s important to make sure that you are fully aware of the risks before you book a procedure and get on a plane. It’s undoubtedly much easier to completely research and vet potential surgeons if you’re staying close to home – traveling abroad means that you lose some of this built-in safety net. You may be unfamiliar with the country’s healthcare and legal systems, and it’s more difficult to visit the clinic and speak with the surgeon ahead of time. Because of this, it’s best to ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to do your research before making a decision.

Tip #2. Traveling Safely:

Another issue that you’ll need to consider is traveling after having cosmetic surgery. As with any surgical procedure, traveling by air too soon after undergoing cosmetic surgery can be dangerous. So, it’s important to speak with your doctor beforehand and make sure that you are fully aware of how long you will need to wait before you have the all clear to return home. Bear in mind that being away from home and everything that you’re familiar with during the recovery period can become a complication by itself, so ensure that you are going to have everything that you need during this time.

#3. Dealing with Potential Future Complications:

Wherever you go for cosmetic surgery, future complications are a risk that you should always be prepared for. However, if you’re going for a tummy tuck in Thailand, for example, things could become more difficult should issues arise in the future. You will likely need to travel back and forth to the surgeon who performed your surgery, or be prepared for a different, qualified surgeon at home to take over your case. In addition, bear in mind that going out of the country for cosmetic surgery negates legal protections that you would normally have with a medical procedure performed in the U.S., including both recourse for malpractice, and privacy rights.

#4. Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon:

Whilst it’s important to be aware of the above, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for cosmetic surgery abroad. Choose a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or a board with similar standards for training, experience, ethics and safety protocol.

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