handmade hair masks

Hair masks are very much needed to bring back the shine and lustre in hair. That is why; one needs to keep using them once in a while.

One can use some handmade hair masks which they can easily make at home.

Avocado and Banana hair mask

This homemade hair masks need a lot of natural ingredients like avocado, apple cider vinegar, banana, olive oil and an egg. This is a two step hair mask which will repair the damaged hair and give it a proper shine along with some strength. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor and make a paste from it and then massage it on your hair. Keep the vinegar and water apart. After the mask it rinsed out, use the mixture of water and vinegar to wash your hair and then rinse it again with normal water. In this pack, the egg acts as a cleaning agent and the banana and avocado helps in moisturising the hair to give it a natural shine. The vinegar prevents the dry scalp.

handmade hair masks

Egg and Mayonnaise hair mask

One just needs eggs and mayonnaise to make this hair mask at home. This is a very powerful combination of dry hair. The oil present in mayonnaise moisturises the hair well and gives its lost shine back. Also the egg serves as a cleaning agent and seals the moisture in the hair. Also the egg yolk cleanses the dirt from scalp.

Deep hair conditioner

If you’re feeling the effects of damaged and dried out hair, then this deep conditioning homemade hair mask is definitely one to add to your daily hair care routine. It can be applied right before showering and shampooing and is filled with some of good ingredients like coconut oil, Shea butter, Argan oil and essential oils. The combination of these ingredients will deeply moisturize the hair leaving it silky smooth. The essential oils will also make you feel like you have done a hair spa.

Butter hair mask

Butter is another brilliant home remedy to bring back the shine in dull hair. Take some melted butter and apply it on your damaged and dry brittle hair. Massage it well so that it get mixed well. Then keep it there for half an hour. Wash it with a mild shampoo but keep in mind, that all the butter should be gone after washing. This will give you hair a very glossy look and shine.

Yogurt and Honey hair mask

It is another deep conditioning hair mask which needs two simple ingredients like honey and yogurt. If your hair feels a bit frizzy and dry then this can be the perfect mask for you. The fat from yogurt will moisturise the hair and clean the scalp. On the other hand, honey will nourish the hair to keep it conditioned and prevent it from early breakages. One can do this at least once a week to have strong hair in return.

One can also buy some handmade hair masks online which are made from organic ingredients.